Meet the Team

Sometimes, the planets just align... The 3 of us who make up THE ECO HUB team didn't even know each other 2 years ago, but between us, we make up quite an awesome team. We have come together through random meetings which could so easily not have happened it actually frightens us! We feel compelled to make our project work and make a big difference to the World.

The Heavyweight

Clare Jones

Clare has a long history of working in animal conservation and travelling the globe, but then turned her hand to science teaching before having her children. A passionate zoologist who has seen the world's problems first hand and with the relevant teaching experience - she provides the drive and direction behind the education program.

The Lightening Rod

Lizzie Nelson

Lizzie had her own successful wallpaper design business before having her children, but whilst being at home with them, had become more and more interested in sustainable living and had been advocating for it at local events and teaching in her children's primary school as well. A creative, sensitive powerhouse, her design and flair can be seen across our resources and content.

The Mover and Shaker

Amell Amatino

Amell, a French Algerian, was so shocked and disappointed to learn that her children in primary school were not receiving any climate crisis education that she turned her hand to creating workshops and community events in the school just to provide her girls and their classmates the education that she thought they were missing out on. An IT specialist who can get the technical stuff sorted, she also runs THE ECO HUB's parent company, MAINTENANT Sustaining Now.


To provide easy to use and relevant resources for teachers to use in lessons which will provide a constant presence and reminder to the learner that they are connected to the world and have a positive contribution to make.

As parents ourselves with teaching experience, we understand that children want to connect with our environment and they want to be part of the solution. We also know that courses and resources have to be quick and easy to follow and provide the relevant information in an engaging way.
The three of us couldn't be more thrilled to be working on THE ECO HUB and providing these resources and courses which we KNOW will transform your teaching, your schools and your pupil's lives.
Our exciting, vibrant and easy to use website will ensure that you can connect any lesson to sustainability, but you can do so with confidence and have the impact that you want to have on the future of our planet. We are so excited that you want to come on this journey with us.
The Eco Hub


To drive forward the transition to a sustainable future using Education as the key force.

We KNOW that 70% of teachers don't feel that they have had adequate training to teach their students about the climate crisis. We also KNOW that the United Nations have identified several times over the last 20 years that Education for Sustainable Development is the KEY to a sustainable future! It CANNNOT happen without it!

If we are to truly turn the tide, we need a future where people have been given the gift of a sustainable mindset from a young age and have the skillset to be able to make the difference. Teachers, it's over to you, we want to be with you every step of the way and we have the tools for you to be able to nail it!


As a social enterprise, we exist to tackle a social issue and improve the communities which we work to serve; driving forward sustainable development and improving teaching for the next generation. To do this, we rely on raising revenue in the same way as any traditional business, and we reinvest any profits to improve our service. By asking schools and other users to make a contribution for the valuable resources and courses which we create, we can provide this high quality service in a sustainable way. It also ensures that we can keep our site ad free which is very important to us.

We will also benefit from grants and corporate donations from time to time and will make any external contributions clear in our annual impact reporting.


Whilst we are in our testing phase we really value your feedback to improve our offering!